Mama Nzingha’s Power 9 Immune Tincture

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Mama Nzingha’s Power 9 Immune Tincture


Mama Nzingha’s Power 9 tincture is a natural antimicrobial and immune builder. This formula was prophetically given to me by God in 2018 when I was sick with cold/flu symptoms. Most people who have used the tincture claim it works within a few hours and definitely by 24 hrs. It’s good for cold and flu like symptoms, general malaise and more. It can also be taken every day as an immune building tonic that prevents general sickness. It’s made up of 9 powerful herbal components.

✅Colloidal silver
✅Black seed oil
✅ACV (apple cider vinegar)
✅manuka honey
✅aged for 8 weeks


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