Mama Nzingha

I attended university at world renowned U.A.B (The University of Alabama At Birmingham) in 1994.

It was there where I would get my name “Nzingha.” I majored in Cultural Anthropology and minored in African American Studies. These courses opened up my eyes to the plight of Africans in the diaspora spread out all throughout the world today!

I became president of the Black Student Union in the late 1990’s where Professor Dr. Niyi Coker would give my name today “Nzingha.” I was deeply involved in student activism and protests to get U.A.B to allow the Black Studies dept. to declare it as a minor for interested students. After much hard work it was a landslide victory and now students can get that minor at U.A.B. After graduation I moved to Atlanta,Ga and lived among and studied with the 12 Tribe Rastafarian community, Hebrew Israelites, The Nuwaubian Nation, MXGM (The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement) The Pentecostal Church, The Hippie Community of Little 5 points, prophetic intercessors at various metro Atlanta churches and many more progressive life changing groups and organizations that removed the veil of ignorance that I had regarding what it meant to be a black woman and Black Queen in the world. These groups trained me to hone in on and develop my many spiritual gifts. They also gave me my now over twenty year foundation in veganism, herbology, spiritual life coaching, metaphysics, African history, meditation, intercessory prayer, biblical studies and so much more! I’ve read the works of and attended many events with the likes of Queen Afua, Dr. Sebi, Dr. Phil Valentine, Dick Gregory, Dr. Jewel Pookrum, Dr. Ishkamusa Barashango and Bobby Hemmitt just to name a few! I studied for years the works of these pioneering world changers in the conscious black collective school of thought.

I now bring to YOU and the world my knowledge and applied wisdom and science in these disciplines. Your life will not be the same after your 90 minute breakthrough session with me where I use these disciplines to help steer you back on track and align you with the Divine that already lives inside YOU!

I also have for sale my 3rd revision of my vegan living/raw foods un-cookbook that have over 25 of my easy to prepare signature recipes that make vegan living/raw foods approachable, fun and most importantly spiritual!

You can also book a stay in my Boho Chic themed Sacred Space guest suite on Airbnb and even take a 2 hour vegan living foods class with me during your stay with the Airbnb experiences platform!

Last but not least, I offer a 4 ounce bottle herbal tincture that was given to me prophetically by God when I became sick with flu and cold like symptoms in 2018. Many of my clients and users of this product says it works within hours and definitely by 24 hours!
Purchase your bottle and see the results for yourself!

Let God be your guide in deciding if you want me to assist you in changing the trajectory of your life by approaching it from a tripartite being perspective made up of body, mind and soul. Remember, the ONLY way out is IN for the Kingdom is Within-Luke 17:21

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Customer Review


OMG! This was so much more than a cooking class. This was such a spiritual and awakening experience making living food that tasted incredible. We adore Laura and will be back again! She is truly a gem and you will never be the same after her cooking class


Laura’s class was so fun!! Learned so much from her about living food and how to incorporate them into my diet easily. She made everything really accessible and energetic. The food that was created together was SO good!! I particularly loved the kale salad. I would definitely recommend this to everyone interested in delicious food experiences!


It was very convenient to have a dedicated work space in the 2nd bedroom as it allowed us to have work meetings online in a confortable enviroment. Laura is an amazing host! She is warm, hospitable, and respected our privacy. You will truly enjoy your stay here!